Header Layout Pack Documentation

Getting Started


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The images are replace due to licensing.

Installing Headers

Step 1 Downloading and unpacking the folders

Purchased from Markhendriksen.com

Download and unzip the ‘divi-header-layout-pack-1.2.zip’ folder to your computer.

After unpacking this folder you will find 2 folders inside.

  • all-divi-headers
  • divi-headers-supplementary-files


Purchased from Elegant Themes Marketplace

Download and unzip the folders ‘all-divi-headers.zip’ file and the supplementary files ‘divi-headers-supplementary-files.zip‘ to your computer. 

Step 2 Installing the headers

Go to Divi > Divi Library. Click on the import/export options.

Click on Import/export button and switch to the import tab. 

If you want to upload all headers at once then choose the file Divi Header Layout Pack.json inside the folder all-divi-headers.

If you want to upload only a portion of the headers then go to the folder divi-headers-supplementary-files and choose  type of header you want to upload.  

It is possible that you can not upload all headers at once due to the file size (depending on your upload file settings).

For that reason, you can choose to upload just a part of the headers. For example, all simple headers or all advanced headers.

Step 3 importing a header in your Theme Builder

In your WordPress dashboard navigate to Divi > Theme Builder.

If you are using a custom global header then open the Global Header.

If you are not using a global Header then click on Add Global header and then Build Global Header > Build From Scratch.

Add your header

1) Click on the + to add a new layout
2) Switch to Your Saved Layouts
3) Choose your header version.

You can use the demo site to see how each header looks like:

The header numbers are corresponding.

Click on save and when you are back in the Theme Builder click on save again.