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Header Layout Pack Documentation

Getting Started



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Read this first

  • Some headers have 2 sections, you need to place both of them.
  • Be carefull when deleting modules and rows. Each header comes with a code module and this should not be deleted.


The images are replace due to licensing.

Installing Headers

Step 1

Download and unzip the ‘’ file to your computer.

In this folder you will find all the header json files.

Step 2

Go to Divi > Divi Library. Click on the import/export options.

Click on Import and upload the header version you want to use.

Step 3

In your WordPress dashboard navigate to Divi > Theme Builder.

If you are using a custom global header then open the Global Header.

If you are not using a global Header then click on Add Global header and then Build Global Header > Build From Scratch.

Add your header

1) Click on the blue + to add a new section
2) Switch to Add from library
3) You can choose Headers for a quick search of all your layouts.
4) Choose your header version.

Click on save and when you are back in the Theme Builder click on save again.