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Easy Slide-ins Documentation


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Before you start

In order to install and use this plugin, you must first download and install the Divi theme or the Divi Builder plugin.

The download package contains the files/folder:

  • Demos

Installing plugin

Step 1 (download)

After purchase you can download the plugin from the email you have received. Or you can login to your account and download the plugin. You can login here.

Step 2 (install)

Unpack the download package

Go to plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin

Navigate to your download folder and select

Then click on install now

After installation you need to activate the plugin.

Step 3 (activate)

Go to Easy Slide Ins.

Enter your license key and click on activate.

(You can find your license key in your email.)

Build your first slide-in

Go to Easy Slide-ins > Add New

Give your slide-in a name and click on Use The Divi Builder

After the Divi Builder has loaded click on Switch To The Divi Builder

You can now populate your slide-in with the sections, rows and modules from the Divi Builder.

Slide-in options

Below the Divi Builder you will find the slide-in options.

Advanced options

Here you can hide or show the slide-in on specific pages and posts.

You can also hide the slide-in on specific devices. You can create a slide-in for desktop and create a different one for mobile. This way you can create better looking slide-ins for mobile users.

Label trigger

In the slide-in options (below the Divi builder) you can check the Show Label option to add a label to your slide-in.

Button/link trigger

You can trigger the slide-in with a button module or any link.

To do this you need to add the slide-in class to a module or link.

You can do this as follow:
After you created a slide-in go to Easy Slide-ins. Here you will find all your created slide-ins. Copy the Button trigger class.

Now paste this class in the button module CSS class field. You can find this in the button modules advanced tab.

For the button link you need to enter #sometext – sometext can be anything you want just place this # in front of it.

On scroll

Check the option auto trigger on scroll and set a percentage of page length to activate the slide-in on scroll.


Check the option exit intent to use this trigger. This will work one time per visitors session.