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Slide-in Quote Fullscreen – Valliant

Installing demo

If you bought and installed the Valliant child theme than the slide-in layouts are already in your Divi library.

If you want to use these slide-ins on another website than you can download the slide-in layouts here.

After downloading unpack the file:

Inside you will find 4 slide-ins layouts.

Step 1

Go to Divi > Divi Library. Click on the import/export options.
Click on Import and upload Slide-in Quote Fullscreen Valliant.json.

Step 2

Create a new slide-in and activate the Divi builder. Switch over to Switch To The New Divi Builder.

Click on choose a premade layout.

Go to your saved layouts and choose the layout you just uploaded.

Step 3

Use the following slide-in settings:

Add the following CSS in Divi > Theme Options > CSS

#esi-popup-664 .et-boc,
#esi-popup-664 .et_builder_inner_content,
#esi-popup-664 .et_pb_section,
#esi-popup-664 .et_pb_row {
height: 100%;

.aside .messages {
overflow-y: auto!important;

Change the esi-popup-664 number with yours. You can find your number in Easy Slide-ins > All items > Button Trigger Class